Dr. Barbara Sloat is my Miracle Worker

Over 20 years taking care of me and my family's health and wellness

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sloat for over 20 years and have recommended her to many as my "Miracle Worker". I say this because I've watched her improve the lives of so many of my family members.

After she presented a lesson on spinal safety to my Grade 5 Health class, I asked Dr. Sloat to look at my then 8 year old daughter who wanted more than anything to dance but found the classes very painful. Dr. Sloat immediately recognized 1 leg shorter than the other and treated her. My daughter was able to continue with dance lesson pain- free for another decade and even perform on stage in musicals as an adult.

In the years to come, Dr. Sloat successfully adjusted my son's knee sprain injury after a fall and my rib dislocation after a car accident.

When my husband suffered a running injury to his knee and unsuccessfully sought help for several months with various doctors, including a sports doctor, he finally relented to visit Dr. SloatĀ  as a last resort, thinking that chiropractors only knew about spines. Within 6 weeks of working with Dr. Sloat, the skepticĀ  was running again, pain- free.

Once while visiting me, my 85-year-old mother, fell and I rushed her to the ER only to leave 7 hours later with no treatment provided. I called Dr. Sloat who immediately opened her office for us on that Easter weekend and within a very short time had manipulated my mother's dislocated shoulder back into place.

Currently, Dr. Sloat is treating me again. This time, it's for my jaw which I popped out of alignment after a really big yawn! Sounds ridiculous, I know, but accidents can happen anywhere, even in bed! At least I am lucky enough to know someone whose expertise and care I have always trusted.

Linda M,
Dundas, ON